Soothing & Comforting: Maalox

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Home Made Butt Paste Recipes (With Maalox) for Severe Rash~

When my daughter was little, the Dr recommended some concoction for her frequent outbreaks of horrid (bleeding open sores..the whole bit) diaper area rash. Often it was yeast involved as well. It would change from one diaper change to the next. We would do as much cloth diapering as we could when at home, etc and that helped a ton (water only paper towel wipes as well). But I do not remember what the recipe for the Maalox included concoction was and a friend is in need (My child is 16 now, so it was many years ago for me!). Anyone have a...


Hand Foot Mouth

My 2 1/2 yr old son has been diagnosed with Hand, Foot, Mouth. His mouth is...

Baby Swings

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My Baby Cries Constantly Unless She Is on Me

My six week old baby is an angel...when I am wearing her, and moving. If I take her out of the carrier or set her in a swing or seat she immediately starts crying and won't stop until she is held. It's wonderful to be wanted, but my back is starting to hurt after six weeks of non-stop carrying and I am also in need of a bit of down time. Simply being able to do a couple of chores without her riding on me would be lovely. I would also like to be able to take a nap when she does but can't because I have to be on my feet. Is this normal...


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Is It Colic?

Hi moms, a few weeks ago, my 10 week old baby girl started having weird crying episodes. She would start crying uncontrolably mid-feeding *i am breastfeeding only*. It usually happends when i am switching between the breasts or if i am doing a diaper change in the middle of the feeding. She would cry even harder if i try to re-latch her, or even just hold her near my breast. She cries for the next 2+ hours no matter what we do, the only thing that makes it better if we're walking around while holding her vertically. If i try to give...


What Is Colic?

My 7 week old daughter might be colic. This is my first and I hear different...


Could It Be Colic?

My daughter would always get fussy between the hours of 6p and 8 pm...but...


Gripe Water

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Experience W/ Colic Calm Gripe Water ? Prevacid/Zantac Not Working

My baby is 5 weeks old and was diagnosed a week ago with reflux (GER) which she's had probably since she was about 3-3.5 weeks old. She cries nonstop all day basically. She's on prevacid in the morning maalox max throughout the day (as needed) which provides very temporary relief (few minutes) and Zantac at night. It's been just over 5 days now and we're still not seeing much improvement. My ped GI said give it 2 weeks but that just seems ridiculous - you'd think by now I'd see a little improvement! I heard about Colic Calm gripe water....

Nap & Bedtime

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Help..... 6 Week Old Wont Sleep.

hi moms i am very sleep deprived as i write this..... my 6 week old (today) has not slept for more than a 40 min span in three days and nights. even when holding him he wakes himself to be sure you are still holding him. the screaming is becoming unbearable. it wouldn't be sooo bad if i didn't have a 5 year old to be up with threw the day a well i could just sleep when he does but seeing that is not an option i have been awake since tuesday morning at 7am. today is friday. we have no family in the area to call on for relief, and any...


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Possibly Colicky! Help!

I have a 2 1/2 week old son, and he has been a really good baby so far. He is an angel all morning and afternoon, and even sleeps pretty well at night. However, the past few nights he cries for 3-4 hours straight in the evenings! It seems like all he wants to do is nurse during his fits and he poops a ton during it, too. I don't know whether to classify it as colic or not. My first son was not like this, so it's new to me. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong like feeding him to much or if he's gassy or has a tummyache or what. Right...

Pacifiers & Thumbsucking

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Infant with Reflux

I have a almost 5 month old baby boy with reflux. He was born 13 weeks early. The doctor has him on previcid and it has not seemed to work. We have him on the Similic Advance formula. He does ok the first half of his feed, then the rest of his feed he will fight eating. Sometimes after he burps it gets better. He spits up after almost every feed. He is gaining weight. I was wondering if anyone else has had these problems and what worked for you. I am thinking of calling the doctor and putting him on a different formula. He also will cry...