Solid Foods & Weaning: Toddler, SwaddleMe

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Weaning off the Swaddle

My 7.5-month-old son does reasonably well with his sleeping, but he's still dependent on being swaddled in order to fall asleep and stay asleep. In fact, he seems to be becoming more and more dependent on the swaddle: Now, even if he has just a hand out of the top of the swaddle, he tends to not be able to sleep until we reswaddle him. The problem is, he's also getting better and better at getting out of his swaddle (even though we use a SwaddleMe), leading to more times when he can't fall asleep or stay asleep because he's gotten out. We...


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How to Unswaddle 4 Month Old

My son is four months old. For about six weeks now, he has been taking his naps completely unswaddled, with arms out, just in his sleepsack. For the past few nights, we have been trying to unswaddle him at night as well. He falls asleep fine, initially, but wakes up around midnight and thinks it's time to play. I tried everything--rocking him to sleep, bouncing him, walking around with him, singing to him--but he just didn't understand it was time to go back to sleep after his feeding. I gave in and swaddled him and he went right to sleep. ...