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Similac Go and Grow

Has anyone tried this newer formula? I'm currently using Similac Advance for my 10 month old twins, but am trying to find out more about how to use this formula for older babies. They currently consume 20-24 ounces each day. Is the Go & Grow a replacement for the Advance or is it supposed to help you transition to milk for when they are a year? The website does not give too much information. Has anyone tried it?


How Do I Wean?

How do I wean my 11 mos old that will not eat other foods? She'll eat foods...

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Powder vs Liquid Soy Similac - Any Difference?

Hi Moms, our doctor recommended soy for our son as he was not digesting the rgular similac. He spit up quite a bit and had a bm during/after each bottle. Although he is gaining weight (he's 4 mos and people always guess 6mos!) we were concerned that he was not absorbing the nutrients from his formula. Now he is on soy, and still spits up regularly, but bms have reduced. I wondered if any moms have noticed a difference between the powdered similac soy and liquid, other than cost. The next step is nutramigen if soy doesn't work, but I...


Eating with a Spoon

I have a 4 month old little boy. Recently, our doctor told me to start him...


Wont Eat off a Spoon

okay so my son is 9 months old and he will not eat anything off a spoon. he...

Self Feeding & Finger Foods

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Enfamil or Similac

Hi ladies, I am wondering if any of you have had the experience of using both of these brands and can help me make a decision on which to go with. I used Similac Isolmil Advanced with my daughter but just read a study that the Enfamil ProSobee Lipil has higher levels of nutrients in it than the Similac. I am so used to the name brand Similac that using something different worries me without some input. If any of you could share your experiences with me I would appreciate it! Also, just in case, I am not at all against breast feeding and...


Am I over Feeding??

My 6 wks old daughter is eating about 4oz. every 3 hours, but sometime after...