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14 Month Old Soaking Through Diapers at Night

My 14 month old son has recently (in the past week or 2 weeks) started soaking through his diaper at night. We put him down at 6:15pm and he sleeps until about 6:30am. We use the Costco Size 4 diapers and have never had a problem before. They fit him just fine and certainly aren't too small. For the past week or so, every morning when I go to get him up all his pajamas and sleeper are soaked with pee (in the front near his stomach). I went out yesterday and bought a pack of more expensive diapers hoping we could use them at night and...

Allergen Foods

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12 Month Old Allergic to Milk?

Hello moms! My 12 month old recently made the switch to organic whole milk. He has been having a major problem with constipation and then diarrhea. Then, after his milk this morning, he threw up. He's been on regular milk for about a week now and before he was doing fine on regular formula. (He was on Enfamil since i had to stop breastfeeding at 6 months.) I was wondering if anyone has heard of a baby being allergic to milk when they did fine on normal formula. Could his tummy upset just be coincidence? He has no other symptoms of...