Solid Foods & Weaning: Toddler, Playtex

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When to Wean the Bottle

A.C. asks from San Diego

At what age should you wean a child from bottles?



H.V. asks from Charleston

My daughter just turned One. We are in the process of weaning her from the bottle/formula. Any advice?


When Do I Wean from a Bottle?

M.K. asks from Minneapolis

My son is 1 year old (just turned last week). I've read that he should continue to get 16-24 ounces of milk or formula until 2 years. When do I wean from a bottle? ...


How to Wean My 5 Month Old Son?

J.K. asks from Raleigh

He will not take a bottle or sippy cup with formula or my breastmilk from anyone. I am going back to work soon and I need ideas. With my daughter she was taking pumpe...


Trying to Wean My 8 Month Old

S.F. asks from Philadelphia

I have been breastfeeding and I am trying to wean. My son is 8 months old and will not take a bottle no matter what is in it (Breastmilk, formula, water, juice). He...


Playtex Drop Ins....Can You Warm These in the Pot on the Stove?

G.M. asks from Phoenix

We use the Playtex Drop Ins to feed our baby. Now that it is winter time, we are going to start warming the formula. Can we place the bottle with the mixed formula al...


Weaning 12 Month Old

J.F. asks from Goldsboro

I am trying to wean my exclusively breastfed child and would like any advice on this. He had been nursing 4 times a day, one before am nap, pm nap, bedtime, and one ...


15 Month Old Outsmarting the Weaning Process!!

D.Z. asks from Cleveland

Hello Moms! I am hoping you can help me out. I am still nursing my 15 mo. old and I am ready to start weaning. Currently, she nurses 3X/day...mostly interested bef...


Weaning My 12 Month Old

C.S. asks from Washington DC

My daughter is just turning 11 months old, and I want to wean her off breastfeeding in about month when she's 1, because I plan to go back to work. The problem is tha...


Help!! Breastfeeding Weaning Advice?

C.L. asks from Salt Lake City

I want to thank you all for the great advice you've given! I have one more question I could desperately use some help on. My DS is 10.5 months old and has been br...