Solid Foods & Weaning: Toddler, Pedialyte

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How to Wean My 5 Month Old Son?

He will not take a bottle or sippy cup with formula or my breastmilk from anyone. I am going back to work soon and I need ideas. With my daughter she was taking pumped milk in a bottle from the time she was 2 weeks. My son will not take one and he is going to be in daycare. I really don't want to pump, I just want to wean him except at night. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Pedialyte and Hives

My almost 3 yr old had some Pedialyte a few days ago (first and only time she's had it). Then two days later she got hives. Has anyone else experienced this? I went online, and it is listed as a common symptom. She had them yesterday; then after the meds, they went away. Now they are back again, but in different spots. I have lots of experience with excema (she gets it alot), not so much with hives. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.