Solid Foods & Weaning: Toddler, Medela

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I Want to Wean My Baby, How Do I Do It?

I have been breast feeding my 10 month old daughter exclusively. I am ready to wean her off the breast. But she will not take a bottle. I've been giving her water in the sippy cup, and she drinks it just fine. I have been trying to get her to drink diluted formula in the sippy cup, but she gags on it. Does anyone have any advice on how to get her to drink the formula? Is it maybe the brand? I have been using Enfamil and I know it is kinda gross.


How Do I Wean?

How do I wean my 11 mos old that will not eat other foods? She'll eat foods...

Self Feeding & Finger Foods

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Ameda vs Medela Pump

I bought the Ameda pump and have only been able to pump a maximum of 1.5 oz...


Avent vs Medela

Hello ladies! We just had out second child and are ecstatic! Without first...