Solid Foods & Weaning: Toddler, Graco

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How Do I Prep My 20 Month Old for the Arrival of Her Little Brother?

Hello All, I was hoping to get some info on how I can prep my 20 month old daughter for the arrival of her little brother. My Mother keeps telling me to get her a baby doll so she has a baby just like Mommie but my problem with that idea is she's not really into dolls. I don't think she really understands the concept of taking care of a baby doll right now and don't know if that would help. She's just now starting to interact with her toys, like the Little People Bus and Ark (walking the people onto the bus or animals into the boat). ...


My 6 Month Old

my son is 6 months old and weighs 27 lbs i was wondering when it would be...

Forbidden Foods

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Graco Snugride or Safeseat?

Do you have one of the following: Graco Snugride (up to 22lbs), the Snugride 32 (up to 32lbs), and the Safeseat (up to 30lbs)? What made you decide to go with the one that you did? Any downsides?