Solid Foods & Weaning: Toddler, Gerber

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13 Month Old Not Interested in Solid Food

Hello I have a 13 month son who has very litle interest in solid food. I have tried feeding him solids since 6months. He mostly spits everything out or will eat a few bites and then lose interest. I thought at first it was just the texture of purrees. He will eat Cheerios and graham crackers. Sometimes I can get him to eat bananas, scrambled eggs, beans, and cut up string cheese. And that's about it. I nurse him exclusivly and it seems that is what he prefers. But I know he is hungry because he wants to nurse frequently. My pediatrician...

Allergen Foods

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Introducing Gerber Baby Food

Hello moms.... My DS will be 6 months on the 7th and has been Exclusivly Breastfeed with the exception of one week of rice cereal at 4 1/2 mo cause my doc told me I had to but he didnt do well with it (stomache ache, gas, digestive problems) so I stopped it. well now were comming up on the 6 mo were I am suppose to introduce food to him and I think he is ready he is very intrested in my plate and what were question how much do you feed him like a squash/peaches half a jar each does he get this 3 times a day do I have to feed...


Allergic to Dairy

My one year old is allergic to dairy. This was easy when he was on formula...

Baby Jar Foods

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Homemade Vs. Jar Baby Food

Me again ;) Hey Moms! I make my own baby food for my daughter. Steamed veggies and fruits, blended. I did this with my first as well. My mother keeps saying "I believe in the jar foods" she thinks they have more added vitamins and such. Does anyone know if this is true? Or is this just old school talk? She was also close minded about the breastfeeding too. So, I'm just curious what you all think? Does Mom still know best? And no worries, I won't let her sway my decision ;) Thanks!!!


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Cereal in Bottle??? 1St Foods Gerber?

My baby just turned 5 months old and 2 weeks ago I started giving him cereal on a spoon. I only give him a few spoonfuls mainly for the purpose of development rather than actual eating. When I went to buy the cereal,there were so many choices: barley,rice,oatmeal,organic,multi grain... I decided on oatmeal. I was unaware that rice was the ideal choice for first time. In any event, he took to it well and enjoys his oatmeal cereal time. I have read many responses that moms put a little cereal in the bottle at night time to help baby sleep...


Is Cereal Necessary?

My daughter is 6 months old and is eating fruits and veggies at lunch and...


Cereal or No Cereal?

Hello Ladies. Ok here's my problem...My new born son is 3 months old now. At...


Cereal in the Bottle

I have a 4 1/2 month old and I want to start giving her cereal. She has...

Dishes & Utensils

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Wont Eat off a Spoon

okay so my son is 9 months old and he will not eat anything off a spoon. he has been doing this for a month or so. at first i thought it was a quick time thing but hes still not eating anything off a spoon. hell eat finger food but nothing off a spoon. i tried tricking him with his bottle then give him the food but now he wont eat it.. what should i do?? any one else have this problem with their kids not eating off a spoon

Food Grinder

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Gerber Baby Food Plastic Containers

With all the news coverage about concerns over plastics I've started checking the recycling codes on all the stuff our son uses. I noticed over the weekend that Gerber Baby food comes in plastic with a recycle code of 7 - which has been reported to contain BPA. I've emailed the company and for the time being have switched to brands (Earth's Best) that come in glass containers - but really miss the variety that Gerber offered. Any advice on making baby food at home or resources that explain how to make baby food? I'm pretty short on time...

Forbidden Foods

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Foods to Avoid?

My daughter just turned 1 and I was wondering if there are still any foods that I should avoid giving her? (Like- honey, peanut butter, etc.)


Gerber Life Ins

Hi, I was just wondering if any of you have signed up for the Gerber Life...


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Gerber Waterproof Pants

Was wondering if anyone has any experience with these? We have been attempting to potty-train my 2 1/2 year old daughter with the Gerber padded underwear training panties, while trying to keep the soiled pants to a minimum, and the pull-ups seem to just serve as diaper for her. I've heard some mixed reviews, and was wondering if anyone has any feedback, suggestions or advice regarding these. She's about 30 lbs., and will be three in May. Thanks!

Picky Eater

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15 Month Old Picky Eater

My 15 month old is a really picky eater. She will eat meat, cheese or rice. No fruits or veggies. She refuses to try things I know she would like if she gave it a chance. She WILL NOT let me feed her. She has to feed herself but can't use a spoon yet. So only finger foods and if it doesn't look familiar, she won't touch it. I've tried sticking new foods in her mouth real fast so she will try them, but she spits it out and gets frustrated at me for tricking her. Any suggestions?


Very Picky Eater

My 15 month old is a ver picky eater. There are certain things she likes,...


My Picky Eater

I have a 4 year old son who is a very picky eater. I am wondering if there...

Self Feeding & Finger Foods

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What Do I Feed Her?

Hello. My only child is turning 1 in a couple of weeks and I'm totally panicing about taking her off the bottle. I don't think actually taking her off is going to be a problem because she's deffinately not attached; but I have no idea what to feed her. She only has 5 teeth, all in the front of course, and I feel like I can only feed her so much yogurt and applesauce. I need to make sure she's getting the proper nutrience. Please someone, give me some ideas.

Table Foods

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Gerber 1St Foods and 2Nd Foods

Whats the difference between gerber 1st foods and 2nd foods? I started my son with carrots as his first vegetable and by mistake I gave him 2nd foods carrot for 3 days. He pooped fine for 3 days. I gave oatmeal (he had rice cereal and otameal already before veggies and did fine with both) the fourth day. He didn't eat much but got conspitated for 2 days. He pooped yesterday after I gave him gerber prunes. Only when I went to buy the prunes did I see carrots as both 1st foods and second foods and am feeling bad I didn't know this earlier.I...


No Table Foods?

My 16 month old son refuses to eat table foods. He'll eat crackers and maybe...


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6 Month Old Not Sleeping Well After Introducing Green Beans

My 6 month old recently started on solids. He's been eating rice cereal now for a few weeks. He's had a week of sweet potatoes, and two days ago we started green beans. Well, ever since the green beans, he's been waking at night EVERY TWO HOURS like clockwork and needs help getting back to sleep. He's never been a sleep-completely-through-the-night baby, but we usually get at least 3 1/2 to 4 hours at a stretch. Here's our typical menu: breast milk/formula on demand all day every day. lunch: rice cereal dinner: rice cereal and...


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Yogurt for Babies

I bought a pack of YoBaby yogurt... it says it's organic and made from whole milk - what are your thoughts on this stuff? Where else can you find whole milk yogurt for babies that's plain or unflavored? I feel like the YoBaby is pretty sweet...