Solid Foods & Weaning: Toddler, Epi Pen

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11 Month Old Allergic to Dairy and Weaning from Breastfeeding

Hello, My 11 month old son has been exclusively breastfed (he takes breast milk from a bottle at day care). I would like to work on weaning him in the next couple of months, however, I don't know what to wean him onto. I know that babies normally go to whole cow's milk, but he seems to be allergic to dairy. He developed a contact skin rash on his face and constipation when I introduced yogurt at 7 months. A couple of weeks ago, I was short on breast milk so without thinking I sent him to day care with some milk-based formula that had...

Allergen Foods

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Adverse Reaction to Epi-pen Jr.

Hi moms, Last weekend, I fed my son whole wheat pasta, green peas, with homemade carbonara sauce (milk, egg, basil, parmesan cheese). All of these ingredients, he has had some way before, but never with carbonara sauce. Almost immediately, he began rubbing his eyes, getting the sauce all over his face and into his eyes, and he began swelling pretty intensely, but he was breathing fine. We went to urgent care, where they gave him benadryl orally, which he promptly vomited. Then, they gave him an epi-pen jr. shot. My son cried for a...