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2 Month Old with Terrible Gas Pains

J.M. asks from Dallas

My two month old that starting having terrible gas pains last week. He is on formula and breastmilk - both thru a bottle. He was born 5 weeks early and in the NICU ...


Eight Month Old Still Spitting Up!

A.C. asks from Phoenix

Hi Moms, I'm not too worried about it yet, but my hubby is so I thought I would get some other opinions on the matter before I talk to her doctor about it at our n...


Soon to Be 6 Month Old Is Wheezing

A.M. asks from Phoenix

My son will be 6 months old on Feb 6th. He got a bad cold while in day care about 2 1/2 months ago and has not seemed to be the same since. We have gone to the doctor...


3 Month Old That Hardly Sleeps!

A.L. asks from Chicago

My son just turned 3 months old and has been having trouble sleep for the past 10 weeks. The 1st 2 weeks we were home from the hospital he was an angel! He slept all ...


4 Month Old Arching His back.......HELP

A.W. asks from Seattle

My LO just turned 4 monthes old and for the last few days when I go to cradle him in my arms to feed his he arches his back violently. It's like something out of the ...


Cranky Breastfed 2 Month Old

V.F. asks from New York

Hi Ladies, I'm hoping for some advice on my diet while feeding my little girl.She seems to get cranky - and I think gassy - after she eats. First I stopped drinki...


6 Month Old with Diarrhea for Two Weeks! Teething?

J.D. asks from Modesto

My six month old son has had explosive diarrhea for two weeks now and I am worried. This is unusual for him, as before he only went every other day. He is going mul...


Temporary Weaning to Formula

J.C. asks from Hartford

My exclusively breastfed 6 month old son has had severe eczema for over 3 months now, and we don't know which way to turn. We have seen medical doctors, tried altern...


Need Help with 4 Month Old Who Will Not Eat More than 3 Ounces During a Feeding

A.B. asks from Los Angeles

First, some background: She has a calm cheerful temperment. Goes down for naps without a problem. We put her on Similac Sensitive formula (lactose-free) when she w...


Pediatrician Told Me to Keep My Son on Formula at the 1 Year Visit. Need Advice

K.J. asks from New York

I am so sorry, this is going to be long. I like to get a lot of detail in. My son is now 16 months. He does not eat well at all. When I took him to the one year v...