Solid Foods & Weaning: Infant, Epi Pen

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Should I Be Concerned About My Son's Solid Food Intake

Hello, I am a first time mom to an almost 1 year old boy. He is still having some issues with solid foods. He loves his formula, he loves his baby food, but when it comes to something solid (i.e Cheerios, Rice Krispies in milk), he typically gags on it. Once he gets used to the texture, he will chew it up and swallow it, but my day care provider has expressed some concern NUMEROUS times on the matter, saying he's almost a year, he should be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by now. Is there something more I should be doing? My son...


An Always Sick Baby

I have a 15 month old son who has been sick almost constantly for 6 months...

Allergen Foods

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Epi-pen Jr. in an Airport (And Some Liquid Questions)

My 19 month old son has a food allergy and we must carry an epi-pen jr. around with us at all times. Is there any special consideration we have to take when traveling by plane? I can see security claiming that it is a weapon or something like that since there is a needle, but at the same time, it is a rescue medication that is required to be with my son at all times. Also, because my son's food allergy, he usually cannot eat food out. I will be packing him some of his favorites since we will be traveling for breakfast and lunch. Is...

Food Grinder

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Baby with Food Allergies - Any Advice Appreciated

We've just found out that, after an allergy test, our 10 month old is allergic to eggs, wheat and dairy. He had a severe allergic reaction and rushed to ER after eating a minute amount of egg. He quickly recovered but now we're looking for any advice from anyone with a similar experience. Any ideas on what to feed our little guy to make his diet more interesting and without any risks would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who has experience with Epi pens and how many do you prefer to keep on hand.