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Seeking Advice for Behavior Issues and Helping Son Make Friends at School

R.J. asks from St. Louis

(Edited my post to provide a little more detail) Hello everyone. Hubby and I have just about tried everything. We have a sweet, smart, and caring 6 yo son who is ...


!3 Months Decided She Doesn't like to Eat What She Use to eat....need Advise

V.I. asks from Los Angeles

My 13 months use to eat anything and everything since she was 4 months old. Around her 11 months, she decided that she no longers like veggies, meats/poultry, and fru...


Need Help Asap ~ They Threatened to Take Her Son Away!

M.Y. asks from Kalamazoo

Hey everyone ~ I just got done talking to my sister and have some questions... Her son was born on Oct 28th of last year, he is just over four months old...not sur...


Mom Wants to Terminate Pregnancy.

M.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms: I have a relative of mine who has 3 kids--her youngest is 8 mths old. She found out that she was was a mth or so pregnant. She is considering terminating ...


Have Questions Regarding Separation and Child Support

J.M. asks from Detroit

Hello mommas! My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years and we have recently decided to split- my idea since he has never really done much for me or o...


Question for Other Adoptive Parents

D.M. asks from Denver

Hi All, My middle son (age 2) came home to us at 11 months and was clearly traumatized by the experience. He throws tantrums at the drop of a hat! He's done ...


Parenting Coach Question

A.J. asks from Williamsport

Last night, I had my kids at a McDonalds play yard for a while because it was cold out. I took notice of two ladies with a 7-ish year old boy. He was yelling loudly...


How to Best End Your Own Therapy Sessions...?

A.M. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I see a therapist. I started last June at a difficult time in my life & marriage, and I feel that I've gained a lot of insight into myself, my relationship...


Elderly in Laws Asking for Financial Help!

M.W. asks from Minneapolis

I need advice on the best way to handle a situation with my in-laws! My in-laws are in their mid 70's and my mother in law just went to live in a nursing home 6 month...


Smart? Gifted? Multiple Questions

K.H. asks from Detroit

Good Morning! I'll try to keep this short and on point, but I have a lot of stuff rambling around in my head so please bear with me. Some background: My daught...