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What to Do to Help Sister's Twins?

E.B. asks from Duluth

We just found out over Christmas that my sister is expecting; in January she called to say they're expecting twins. They live in California, so I can't exactly bring ...


Child Psychologist Needed

J.D. asks from Chicago

My daughter is 7 and is having severe behavior issues. She has a 4-year-old brother that she absolutely hates and is becoming violent with, she seems to have low sel...


Care for Elderly Parents

K.B. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any experience with an Elder Law Specialist, Senior Care Specialist/Manager, Social Worker? My parents are in their 80's and we are needing to look a...


Gathering Info on Possible Mild Autism/aspergers Diagnosis

A.K. asks from Detroit

My almost 3-yr-old daughter's daycare today told me they thought she was exhibiting "very mild" autism or asperger's traits. She certainly doesn't talk much but I fee...


Out of Control Teen

D.R. asks from Rochester

I have a daughter that is 17. About 4 years ago she was diagnosed as bipolar. She does not accept the fact of this. She is not on meds for the bipolar (because how...


I'm at a Loss ---Struggling with My 7 Year Old, and Her School.

K.S. asks from Hartford

My daughter, who is 7 years old, is a bright, very smart and beautiful girl. She is shy at times and sometimes needs a little more confidence in herself. However, thi...


Bullying in CMS School

A.B. asks from Charlotte

Hi - My son has been continually picked on at this school year. His teachers seem to care about him, but I'm guessing they can only do so much. Although I've rep...


Working /Stay at home/Mums/Dads

B.K. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas I have returned to work this week after 7 fabolous months of leave after the birth of my second child. This was solely for financial reasons. I thought I w...


Discipline Help

R.S. asks from New York

I have two sons one is 6 and the other is 14 months, I am very experienced with children from being a pre-school teacher in the past and now a social worker for a sch...


Should I Take Zoloft?

C. asks from Philadelphia

I have been experiencing some mood instability includimg anger, crankiness, anxiety, tearfullness, violent thoughts towards others including my kids, and poor self es...