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How Can I Get My 14 Year Old to Enjoy School?

S.B. asks from San Francisco

I have a 14 year old son who has dislike school since second grade. It has been a constant struggle to get him up in the morning and to motivate him to take pride in ...


Advice for Something We Witness Between an Uncle and 11 Year Old

S.R. asks from Spokane

I am not sure how to handle situations like this or if my feelings are even valid, but my husband and I went camping last week with a really good friend, her 11 year ...


Seeking Advice for 14 Year Old Unmotivated Boy

D.H. asks from Los Angeles

My 14 year old is seriosly unmotivated. This is his first year of high school and the first time he has brought home D's and F's. One each on every report card. Th...


Building Self-esteem for My 11 Year Old Daughter

B.F. asks from Decatur

My 11 yr old daughter has always had low self-esteem. Even when she was a toddler - she would say I can't do it. She would wait for her younger sister (1 yr younger) ...


HELP ME!! ( My 10 Year Old Daughter Is Out of Control)

J.A. asks from Jacksonville

I am a mother of two beautiful kids.We have been through a lot together. I left my daughters father when she was 1 1/2 she is now 10 yrs.I had my little boy 2 years l...


My 12 Year Old Daugther Have No Friend

O.R. asks from New York

It is sooo hard for my 12 year old daugther to have friends since kindergarden she try hard to have friends but she has no luck, sometimes they ignore her ,most of th...


Help with a 13 Year Old Boy with Adhd Who Continues to Get in Trouble at School

A.B. asks from Charlotte

Help!! I am struggling. My son is 13 with adhd and gets in trouble at school at least once a week. I have increased his medication and it has not helped. I am not ...


What Do I Do About a 12 Year Old Who Is Hiding Women's Underwear in His Room?

J.H. asks from Alexandria

I just went in my 12 year old's room to pack his clothes for the weekend. I was looking for his PSP that he hid from his older brother to send it him. I found a whole...


My 12 Year Old Driving Me "Crazy"!!!!

K.S. asks from Raleigh

Now, ladies i have a question: do any of you know what is going on with the kids of today? Does anyone have the answer or just an answer for me? I am about to go craz...


Seeking Help on How to Discipline 11 Year Old Boy Geting in Trouble at School

J.M. asks from Richmond

I have an 11 year old boy (will be 12 in May) who is in 6th grade and has been in constant trouble at school for being disruptive in class and rude to his teachers. ...