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My 17 Year Old Daughter Ran Away and Doesn't Seem to Be Sorry She Did It!!!

A.H. asks from Tampa

My daughter ran away and was gone for 3 wks before I found her. She hasn't said she was sorry and has a "I'm an adult" attitude. How do I punish her with out having h...


Handling a 17 Year Old Son When He Refuses to Do Things

K.G. asks from Jamestown

My oldest son is a really good kid. But he is so very lazy. When he is asked to do things around the house, it's like pulling teeth to have him get it done and it's...


I Have a New 15 Year Old Foster Son in My Care Who Can't Wake up in the Morning

R.R. asks from New York

I just had a 15 year old sweet boy placed in my care who can not wake up in the morning. He sets the alarm clock, it goes off for 40 minutes, wakes up everyone in th...


Help Controlling 16 Year Old Daughter's Attitude

J.T. asks from Syracuse

My daughter is a times...lately she is so snappy with so much attitude. Sometimes it's not what she says but of how she says it. She has so much to...


Teen Text Messaging Saga

W.M. asks from Dallas

My 16 year old seems unable to to put down her cell phone since we have gotten unlimited text-messaging on her phone. She has never had a cell before as she was livin...


Out of Control Teen

D.R. asks from Rochester

I have a daughter that is 17. About 4 years ago she was diagnosed as bipolar. She does not accept the fact of this. She is not on meds for the bipolar (because how...


Peeping Teen

A.N. asks from Los Angeles

I am VERY concerned about my 16 y.o. boy. He had been a perfect son until this weekend. He's never been girl crazy, he doesn't look at dirty magazines, or movies. I'v...


My 12 Yr Old Son Has No Friends

L.S. asks from Chicago

My 12 yr old son has no friends his age to spend time with this summer, and he is driving me crazy! For some reason, he lost his friends during 5-6th grade and only ...


Teen Asking for the Pill

R.K. asks from St. Louis

I have a 16-year-old niece who lives with me - I'm her guardian. Yesterday she told me some friends told her that they are on the pill to regulate their periods and s...