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Are You a Social Worker or Do You Know One Personally

C.M. asks from Denver

OK moms, I know I have asked you a lot of things, but this one is for my brother. He is in his third year at CSU and is kinda lost first he wanted to go for water eng...


5 Year Old Lying

L.J. asks from Kansas City

my daughter has been telling little lies and we catch her all the time when we ask her what happened she will automatically tell me she does not know or she will blam...


Help! My 6 Year Old Won't Stop Lying!!!

A.C. asks from Kansas City

I need help...I don't know what to do with my 6 year old. He is going through a phase right now where he seems to lie about everything. There is always room for story...


Out of Control 5 Year Old

T.L. asks from Richmond

My 5 year old daughter is out of control. She is extremely spoiled. Everytime we go to any store, whether its the grocery store, Walmart, or the auto parts store, she...


6 Year Old's Behavior in Kindergarden

M.G. asks from New York

Opinions on how to get a 6 year old boy engaged in school.... I had one of "those" meetings yesterday. He had issues in the beginning of the year and we worked on ...


6 Year Old Daughter Wants to Wear Her Hair the Way She Wants

M.S. asks from Washington DC

This probably seems trivial but I am looking at the whole picture ahead and want to get some advice now. My daughter has decided she no longer wants to wear headbands...


5 Year Old Acting Out in School

T.A. asks from New York

Hello All. I am a married working mom of 3 children. Lately my 5 year old has been acting out in school. She is in kindergarten. She is very talkative and know she is...


6 Year Old Becoming More Violent at school...what to Do?

K.H. asks from Wausau

My 6 year old daughter started out a sweet girl who listened well. Now that she's in Kindergarten she's become progressivly violent to other students. I t started out...


5 Year Old Wants to Die

S.M. asks from St. Louis

Yes, I know it is alarming. My 5 year old keeps saying that he "wants to die" or that he "doesn't want to be here anymore". And when I ask him where he says "alive". ...


My 5 Year Old Has Anger Issues

A.M. asks from Charleston

I have a 5 year old son who is in kindergarten this year and also played football. He has always had a bad temper so i was very scared for him to start school and oth...