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Looking for Fun Videos, Cd's and Books to Buy for 4 and 2 Year Old Living Abroad

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

We live in Israel and speak English to our kids. However, the only English they really hear is from other adults, resulting in a pretty funny dialect (my son uses unf...


Funny Movies for a Sick Friend

M.I. asks from New York

Dear Moms, I have a very dear friend who is battling a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Every time I see her, I try to make her laugh as much as I can with jo...


Baby Signing

K.B. asks from San Antonio

I am sure that this has been asked on here before but who out there has taught their little one to sign. I an thinking of teaching my son and just want to know at wh...


18 Month Old Doesn't Want to Talk

P.G. asks from Miami

I have a 18 month old boy and he want to talk.I'm a little concerned because he only says "nana" for banana "no" and "tete" for bottle.Even when he plays alone with h...


Potty Training a 2-Year-old Girl

A.R. asks from Portland

Hi Ladies, I'm working on potty training my 2-year old daughter. I'd love to hear about any potty training videos or books your kids like. We read a coupl...


Help with Active Child

F.S. asks from Houston

Hi Again Everyone, I have a 4 yo daughter who is very active, she loves running and jumping about.. She can sit still to look at videos, read books and do school ...


JFF - iPad VS Nook Color

L.M. asks from Kansas City

I know you can't really compare the two. Obviously the iPad is far more superior to the Nook. I am thinking of getting a tablet for these reasons. Access internet ...


More Help with Reading

R.B. asks from Springfield

I have a daughter who is 10, and she has trouble reading. She likes to read, she likes books, but she struggles. She does well in every other subject, and is social...


Potty Subject

L.W. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies! I need your advice again! I have a 2 and one half year old boy, who has no problem to pee-pee in his potty or in the toilet, but refuses to poo-poo the s...


4 Year Old Peeing in the Bed

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is very beautiful, independent, intelligent and has brat tendancies (my fault) but what concerns me is the fact that she has been potty trained for two ye...