Social Skills: Toddler

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S.R. asks from Washington DC

I find myself exhausted's great that my dd shares everything with me because I can help her navigate all of the social situations that happen at school.....


Social Phobia, Me Again.

M.E. asks from Tampa

As a child I was a social outcast, a nerd. I was overweight, had horrible acne, bad perm, oversized, thick glasses. I was a mess. I was a complete introvert but manag...


Social Isolation

M.S. asks from Sacramento

I'm worried about my 17 year old daughter. She spends all day in her room with her lap top. She can spend 10 to 12 hours a day looking at her laptop. The majoriy...


Social Situations

E.N. asks from Greensboro

My 4-yr-old started preschool in August and has enjoyed it. Her teachers say that it takes her about 10 minutes every morning to "come out of her shell" but then she...


Social Services

K.T. asks from Reading

Has anyone ever had to deal with social services or knwo how they work. My husband has this cousin Steve him and his girlfriend have a 5 year old son, and the girlfr...


Social Security

T.R. asks from Green Bay

My daughters father passed away a few days after christmas. We have been seperated for over 5years and in those 5 years I've met my soul mate and have gotten married ...


Social Media Fiend or Friend

M.C. asks from Los Angeles

Per my blog...i find myself talking to my mamma-friends and my own kids about how today’s technology and social media are bittersweet. Remember when not that long a...


Social Cues

M.B. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter is 12 and in the 6th grade. She is VERY active in church and school, in addition to taking acting classes. She has also been diagnosed with ADHD and is ...


Disneyland for a 22 Month Old?

J.H. asks from Los Angeles

I am able to get into Disneyland for FREE on my birthday this year... and I really want to go!! But there are several questions/concerns.... my son will be 22 months ...


What Is a Friend?

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- What is a friend at age 3, at age 5, at age 7 in the tween years and beyond. Do boys and girls have different expectations or definitions for frien...