Social Skills: Steroids

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Asthma & Steroids

A.T. asks from Yuba City

Hello, I am seeking advice from other Mom's that have experience with young Children with Asthma. My son who was born with Asthma has been on Allergy medicine and (...


Should Newborns Be Given Steroids?

N.H. asks from San Diego

I know this sounds like a dumb question, but here is what happened: My second daughter was born last week. The day of her birth, the pedriatic nurse said that my da...


Pulmicort - Steroids for Asthma/Lung Issues

D.G. asks from Detroit

Do any of you have children who have taken Pulmicort or another steroid for asthma/lung issues. My son was born 3 months premature and therefore had immature lungs. ...


Do Steroids Cause Toddlers Awful Tantrums?

A.C. asks from Lafayette

He has been constantly screaming and crying when he is supposed to go to sleep he kept us up almost all night is there anything we can do for him? I have taken him of...


Guidance About a Friend- Sorry It's Long!

N.G. asks from Dallas

Moms, you guys always offer lots of perspectives that helps me reach personal decisions, and I thank each one of you for that! Here is a doozy that keeps bothering m...


Swollen Optic Nerves in Friend Son's Eyes

P.T. asks from Atlanta

I have a friend who is going through a very scary problem with her son. He's suffering from vision loss. The doctor say his optic nerves are swollen and there givin...


Concerned for a Friend - Very Early Delivery

S.E. asks from New York

My friend sent a message to a bunch of us on facebook yesterday morning saying that she was at the hospital and it looks like the baby is coming early and went on to ...


How Do You Tell a Friend That Your Child Cannot Stay Over?

C.A. asks from Atlanta

I have a dear friend from high school. Her daughter is a year younger than mine and we recently just re-connected on Facebook. Well her daughter spent the night with ...


Help for Friend Whose Son Has Eczema

S.S. asks from Provo

Hi! Any of you moms with small children with eczema??? My Friend needs to try something new for her 3 year old son who was using Aveeno for a while with success, bu...


My Daughters Best Friend Is Moving Away..

L.O. asks from Detroit

My daughter has had another girl in her class for kinder first and second grade.. they are best buddies.. the other girls dad is in medical school.. and his time her...