Social Skills: Myself

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Social Phobia, Me Again.

As a child I was a social outcast, a nerd. I was overweight, had horrible acne, bad perm, oversized, thick glasses. I was a mess. I was a complete introvert but managed to have a few friends. One became my best friend and was very loyal to me. She moved away when we were in highschool but as adults we still talk every few months. I was depressed a lot during the teen years. Once I lost the weight, my skin cleared up, and I got contacts, I felt slightly more confident. My reputation for being a nerd followed me into high school as I...


What Is a Friend?

Mamas & Papas- What is a friend at age 3, at age 5, at age 7 in the...

Making Friends

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Career - What Would You Do?

Current situation: After 15 years into your gig you have a job that pays six figures, is a fairly easy job. You're tenured and there is very little chance of getting whacked since there are at least a dozen hires below you. You get breaks and summers off. Your work environment is supportive and nurturing and your boss rocks. However, you're exceptionally bored at your job and the passion you used to have has been snuffed out. You feel like your talents and skills could be more beneficial in another field and you simply cannot imagine...


Making New Friends

I am a single mom of three great kids. My daughter is 7 and my boys are 3 &...

Self Esteem

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Promoting Positive Self-Esteem in Girls

I may be overanalyzing this based on my own past, but I wanted to hear from other moms of little girls out there to find out if I am handling my 4-year old and her recent behaviors well! She seems to be a lot more aware of what female images she finds "pretty" lately and I want to be sure I am promoting her own self-esteem so she doesn't go through the degree of body and image issues I did as a teenager and young woman. For example, when she was recently working on her letters in a Barbie activity book, she was saying which Barbie faces...