Social Skills: Infant

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Social Services

K.T. asks from Reading

Has anyone ever had to deal with social services or knwo how they work. My husband has this cousin Steve him and his girlfriend have a 5 year old son, and the girlfr...


Social Cues

M.B. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter is 12 and in the 6th grade. She is VERY active in church and school, in addition to taking acting classes. She has also been diagnosed with ADHD and is ...


Am I Doing My Kids a Disservice by Not Having a Social Life?

M.A. asks from Chicago

I guess my question is am I setting an antisocial example for them? I have moved 3 times in the past 9 years, all different states. I can rarely make friends and my...


Who Needs a Social Outing Soon?

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

I need to go out on a social outing with some women who live in my area even if it is for coffee, lunch, or whatever. I have friends but they seem so consumed by thei...


Social Anxiety/Gaining Confidence

P.H. asks from Dallas

Have any of you learned to overcome your social anxieties as well as gain confidence? I've been a stay at home mom for many years and now need to find a job. I'm cl...


Husbands Social Life- What Is Appropriate?

H.G. asks from Denver

Hi ladies. I am trying to get feel for if my husbands social life is getting out of hand or if I have unrealistic expectations. I am a stay at home Mom to our d...


Which Social Networking Sites Do You Use?

R.D. asks from Richmond

Facebook? Myspace? Twitter? etc... which social networking sites do you use and why? Do you reconnect with out of state friends and family? Are you promoting a charit...


Friend Not Such a Friend After Baby Was Born

T.H. asks from New York

I had a best friend for many years whom we did everything together, when i got pregnant in 2005 things started to change, she no longer would call me to do things or ...


Interfering in My Son's Social Situations

M.A. asks from Dallas

My 9 year old son has always been shy. He is in third grade and has a handful of friends. We have regular playdates with about two boys, but he shows no interest in...


Advice on a Situation with a Friend and Her Infant

R.D. asks from Kansas City

I am currently watching my friends 7 week old infant. How this came about is an interesting story. Several years ago when my daughter was about 2 I babysat for a fr...