Social Skills: Child, The First Years

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5 Year Old Driving Me Nuts!!

I am babysitting a 5 year old and 5 monthold. I also have a 16 monthold. The 5 year old is driving me nuts becuase she never stops talking. I mean never. I can ask her to b quiet while i am on the phone or something and she usually well but not always. I do i deal with this without driving myslef crazy. Edited version I play with her all day long. We only wacht about 1 hour of tv a day and that is when i am cooking. I take all 3 kids out to do something fun and educational everyday. The talking is worse when she being stimulated. She...

Self Esteem

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Trying to Boost My 5 Yr. Old Daughter's Self Esteem.

Hi I'm having a little problem with my daughter and her class mates at school. They keep telling her they don't want to be her friend, because she doesn't have teeth & wears glasses. Or they'll just stop being her friend out of no were. I know they're just kids, but it REALLY breaks my heart watching my daughter getting put down like that. I see her always trying to get the little girls attention in order to play with her but they'll just ignore her. She seems to always be the follower instead of leading. I feel like she doesn't have enough...


Sports and Kids??

My son is 8 going to be 9 in a couple of months. He is in Karate right now...


I Hate to Be at Home

I have been with my partner for 10 yrs and have taking alot from him. he...