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What to Do with My Twin 12 Yr. Old Boys All Summer?

Hi Moms, Do you have any suggestions on how to keep busy with my tweens this summer? Camps are generally too expensive or too young. I certainly don't want them indoors all day every day driving me bonkers. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kim

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Unuentertaining 2 13-Year-old Boys, 2 10-Year-old Girls and One 6 Year Old Girl

I am watching my nephew this summer because he is diabletic and not taking control of it. His mother has tried everything she can and had to get a job to pay for his medical needs. He is coming here so I can make sure he is taking his blood sugar and insulin. His sister (10) is comming here by default because no one else will be home as both parents work. He loves playing Halo on the Xbox but I really want him to get more out of coming here than enhancing his video game skills besides it's not really good for his health. I need...

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Seeking Creative Moms

I am caring for some friends children and need a few fun ideas to distract them with if they are not behaving. The childrens ages are 2 - 8 yrs. It was easier to be more stern with my own children.


School Fall Festival

Hello, Myself and other moms are planning our brand new school first big...