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Possibly Starting to Go to Church and Nervous

ok here goes one of my son's boyscout friend invited us to his church this sunday. my son has never gone to church except for a funeral. my daughter hasnt either. by hubby wont go, but i'm willing to go and just check it out. I havent gone to church in YEARS, my wedding wasnt even in a church. I'm extremely nervous for us to go to churh since i haven't gone since i was like 10yrs old. I was baptised when i was a baby luthern and the one that my son's friend goes to looks real nice on their website and looks like the kids would have fun and...

Dating Scene

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Communication Between Parents of Dating Teens

My daughter has been invited to her first Homecoming dance. Her date is a boy who she has been friends with since 6th grade (they are both in 9th). I really don't know him much less his parents. Question is; should I take the initiative and contact his parents? The kids aren't sweethearts, just friends, so I don't want to make a big deal of the situation and get all mushy but I still want to honor it as an important event. I already bought the materials for his garter, but did I jump the gun? I was going to make a mum corsage (or whatever...

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5Year Old Keeps Waking up at Night with Excuses to Have Me Come into His Room.

I am looking for any advise on how stop my son from waking me up in the middle of the night. After we got home from our vacation a month ago my son has been waking up EVERY night with some excuse to get me into his room and tuck him back in bed. He has a sore toe , itchy eyes, my heel hurts, etc... If I don't go in the wimpering starts and he will do that for about 10 min and then comes in crying. We have spoken to him about what he thinks the problem is and have addressed his concerns (a brighter night light, my teddy bear sleeping with...


Math for 4 Year Old

My son, who is now 4, has always loved numbers since before he was a year...

Girls' Night Out

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First Birthday Party for Twin Girls!!!

My twin girls are turning 1 very soon!!! I have no ideas for a first birthday party. With my son he had an interest in baby Einstein...but my girls aren't interested in anything enough to make it a theme. Any cute ideas??? I am stuck and can't find anything!!! Thanks!! Thanks for all the good ideas!! I know some are saying not to spend alot. That was never my plan....just like plates and stuff and the cake. But i did get good ideas. Michele- Thanks for the info on the meeting. I don't belong but oddly enough I work at Toledo hospital...


School Shooting :'(!

So I have been watching all day about the school shooting. Parker my son who...


Girls' Night Out

I'm planning a Girls' Night Out activity for a group of 30 something year...

Moms Groups

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New Mom Needing to Find Mom Group and Play Group

I am a first time mom with a two month old son. My husband and I decided that me staying home with our son was best for us, but that has left me with limited adult interaction. I live in Keller, but I am willing to drive within the metroplex to a mom group or play group. If there are any in the area, I would love to know about them and if there is another way to find out about them I will take that info. too!