Social Life: Preschooler

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4 Year Old Behavior

T.G. asks from Chicago

I am wondering if any of you have experienced some of these characteristics with your 4 year old (I have a boy). He can't stand tags in his clothing, socks are too...


Activities to Do with a 4 Year Old Boy....

T. asks from Tampa

Hello..... I am struggling with finding things to keep my 4 year old boy interested in. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of kids in the neighborhood so we are h...


Are There Any Moms' Groups for Working Moms?

H.C. asks from Sacramento

I've heard about several moms groups- but all meet early in the week? Does anyone know of any that meet later in day (3:30 and later)? I'm in West Sacramento and ho...


Problems at Preschool with 4 Year Old.

A.B. asks from Raleigh

We are having behavior issues with our 4 year old boy at preschool. He goes to a private Christian Preschool where he has gone for over a year. When the school year s...


Increasing Participation in Our Moms Group

E.M. asks from Chicago

I am the president of a local Moms Club. The club encompasses a large geographical area and we have about 75 members. However, only a core group of about 20 regularly...


Working Moms Group

R.K. asks from Dallas

Are there any groups (playgroups?) - online or offline - for working moms in the dfw area. I've been a member of a stay at home mom group, but have been a working mo...


Social Anxiety Treatment for Child

M.S. asks from Chicago

Hi all, I'm fairly sure my son has social anxiety disorder. He has refused to participate in several social activities at his new school (working in groups at scho...


4 Year Old Diagnosed with PH+ ALL

S.H. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, My daughter was just diagnosed with Philadelphia Chromosome ALL (Leukemia) I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has gone through this with a child...


My 4 Year Old Wants to Be a Drop Out

J.F. asks from Philadelphia

I'm torn on what to do. My 4 year old daughter seems to despise school. She cried for the 1st few months at the drop off time and now doesn't do that but is very qu...


I Am Reserved and Need to Be More Social

M.D. asks from San Angelo

Besides Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie, which I completed many years ago, what other resources can help me to be more upbeat, upproachable, and friendly? I don't app...