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Bored 3-Year Old

I'm looking for things to do with my 3-year old at home. I have 5-month old twins and I am feeding them every 3-4 hours and it demands a lot of my time. My poor 3-year old is bored and is constantly asking me to play with her, but I just can't be everything to everyone. I'm looking for ideas on things to give her to do by herself while I'm busy (instead of watching TV to keep her occupied) and I'm also looking for organized activities we can to together that will engage me as well (I can only play make-believe so many times before my...

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Games for a 2 & 4 Year Old

What are some good board games that a 2 year old could play with us. So far we have candy land, memory, dvd bingo and thats about it. I would really like to get more games that we could all play together. What are some of your favorites that are little kid friendly?