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Milk Allergy in Toddler

Hi! My 21 month old son was diagnosed with milk protein allergy when he was an infant. Eliminating dairy from his diet (and mine - I breastfed until he was 16 months old) has been challenging, but now he is getting a little more independent it is getting even harder to control what he eats! I am a nervous wreck every time we go to play group, on play dates or when I leave him at nursery (at the gym). I always let everyone know that he had food allergies and I am trying to teach him to eat his snacks only but invariably he ends up getting...

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Enfamil Next Step Formula

My daughter just turned 9 months old today. She has been on Enfamil's AR Lipil formula since she was 4 months. I was recommended this formula by her pediatrician because she had acid reflux and spit up ALOT. Anyways, I feel that her acid reflux is gone and I noticed the last time I was at the grocery store that Enfamil has a formula called Next Step for ages 9-12 months. Has anyone tried this formula? Should I switch?