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The "Soccer Mom" Requisite "Costume"!

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

In my town, about every third car I pass is a mom in a minivan with sunglasses, with a cel phone pressed to her ear. No kidding! Is it like this where YOU live? Ar...


Soccer Player Afraid of Soccer Ball

A.T. asks from Chicago

Our 7 year old daughter was always an asssertive and really good soccer player...until last fall when she injured her finger during soccer practice. There was a pile ...


Soccer and Swimming Lessons

A.C. asks from Orlando

Where can I find soccer and swimming lessons for a 2 year old?


Children's Soccer Clubs

J.S. asks from Dallas

My family will be moving to McKinney from Boulder, CO in a few months and I'm trying to find out which soccer organization would be best for my daughter. She will be ...


Girls Soccer or Softball

P.K. asks from Tulsa

I'd like to sign my daughter up for either soccer or softball this spring. She's 7 and her school doesn't offer any sports. Any idea on where to get started, we live ...


Soccer for 3 Yr Olds.

S.G. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know if toddlers under 4 can play soccer? I also need help on where to start on this subject. If so, I am looking for a soccer league in Oak Cliff for my...


In Search of Soccer for Younger Children

B.B. asks from Norfolk

I have been searching for "Itty Bitty Soccer" in Yorktown, Newport News, Hampton, etc. for my son. He is really interested in Soccer but I cannot find anywhere that ...


Seeking Soccer League

C.B. asks from Dallas

I am interested in enrolling my 5 year ols son in a soccer league. I live in Saginaw, if anyone has info please let me know. Thank you.


Soccer for Four Year Olds

M.T. asks from San Francisco

Hi there! I have an almost four year old daughter who is interested in taking soccer soon. Does anyone have any experience with soccer lessons or teams for children t...


Soccer for 3Yo in Collin County

J.S. asks from Dallas

DS will be turning 3 next week, and we're looking to possibly get him into soccer somewhere in the next few months just for fun. We're in McKinney, but from what I ca...