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I Really Comp Sports

D.P. asks from Sacramento

My daughter plays soccer for a comp league. Her particular team isn't full on comp GOLD level. They are above recreational level, but still need more training for th...


Advice: Coaching Little League Sports

A.R. asks from Philadelphia

My husband is going to be a coach for our son's soccer (ages 4-6 in team). I am not really familiar with the league. Since he is the coach should I plan an end of th...


Should My 10 Year Old Play a Sport He Dosen't Like?

D.B. asks from Des Moines

Hi Parents, My 10 year old played soccer 2 years ago. Last year his bf played baseball so he decided to try it. He hated it!! He didn't like having to wait in the dug ...


Cleat Question

M.K. asks from Chicago

Is there a difference between baseball cleats and soccer cleats or can one pair of shoes do both jobs?


Kids, Their Activities, and Doing It All...

R.D. asks from Richmond

I'm feeling pretty guilty right now... and lazy. My 7 year old daughter plays soccer, and I HATE having to take her to practices and games... I think if I had a little...


Please Help Son Cut off End of Finger.

B.T. asks from Charlottesville

Hello, My 10 year old son cut off the end of his finger on his right had down to the first joint. He is very heart broken. He is a sports driven little boy loves to ...



R.G. asks from Los Angeles

I stay home and attend to the needs of our 5 kids and our home. my husband works full-time and is part of a soccer club organization part-time. when he has free time...


Mean Coach or Am I Just Being Too Sensitive???

L.D. asks from Los Angeles

My 6 y/o son plays soccer. He did not play the first two Saturday games. First game was cancelled due to rain and the second he had the flu. This is my son’s 3rd ...



T.R. asks from Cincinnati

I am a stay at home mom of one son, who's 3, who I recently signed up for Youth Soccer. This is the first sport or any activity that we have done with other kids (ex n...


. Older Kids Catching up in Sports?

J.G. asks from New York

My second grade son started playing soccer in kindergarten in the local Y intramural program and was the only kid who'd never played before (everyone else started in p...