Sleeping Habits: Graco

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Opinion on Graco Cribs

Does anyone have an opinion on Graco cribs? I haven't been able to find a store that displays them and have only been able to find them online from Walmart. I like the simplicity of their cribs but would like to 'kick the tires' before I purchased one. Or are there places in the area that have inexpensive but good looking cribs that we can look at in person?


Graco Snug Ride

I took your advice and bought a Graco Snug Ride infant car seat. We LOVE it...

Baby Monitors

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Which Video Monitor?

I would like to buy a video monitor for my son's room. Which one do you have? Do you recommend it or not? What features do you wish (or are glad) you looked for? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!


Baby Monitor Advice

We are going to need a baby monitor in two rooms when our second child is...


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Co-sleeping When Camping

We are trying to figure out a safe way to co-sleep with my then 10 month old while we are camping with a tent. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do it and still have it be comfortable on the cold ground? In response to the first two comments: Thank you for the advice but that won't work with our family because we are co-sleeping with my daughter every night and now she is so used to it that she won't sleep without us there for more than a few hours, and after her first awakening she won't sleep for more than an hour without me so I...

Furniture & Bedding

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Seeking Info on Where to Buy Baby Bedding and Strollers

Hello-I am the mom of a 2 yr old son and a soon to be arriving daughter. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on a good double stroller. We are in the market to buy and there are so many options I don't know where to start. Also I am also in the process of furnishing the baby's room and fell head over heels over some Pottery Barn bedding until I learned it is all sold out! I am wondering if anyone is aware of any 'baby boutiques' in the Naperville area that would sell crib bedding, accessories, etc. I wouldn't mind driving to the...


New Baby Items

Graco Metrolite Stroller, Exersaucer, Baby Bjorn (original),Brand new Graco...

Other Nursery Items

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Does Anyone Know If the Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor Is Worth Getting?

I just had my second child about 9 weeks ago and I am thinking about getting one of these movement sensors. I never really worried about SIDS with my first but for some reason I am really petrified that something is going to happen to my little girl while I am sleeping. It is making it hard to sleep at night and now that I am back at work I need all the sleep I can get. Does anyone think this will work good enough to help ease my worries?

Pacifiers & Thumbsucking

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Graco Snugride vs Graco Snugride 32

My baby is 10 mons and is outgrowing his Graco Snugride because of his height. I am referring to the "regular" Snugride that has limits of 29 in and 22 lb. I'm considering getting a used Snugride 32 just so I can have the convenience of the bucket for a few more months. Does anyone know if the "regular" Snugride travel system will accommodate the Snugride 32? (I know, I know. I should have tried it out at the store.) okay, yes, I do plan to buy a convertible after he turns a year. I just want to keep him in the bucket for two more months...

Patterns & Habits

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Lack of Sleep What to Do?

I have a 20 month old son who starting jumping out of his crib about two months ago. So my husband and I decided to put him in a todler bed! Well the first week went alright he would wake up in the middle of the night and get out of bed but was unable to open his door so he fell asleep on the floor. Well now since he has learned how to open the door he is up and running around at 4 AM every morning. I know he is still tired because he is very cranky and he rubs his eyes. I tried putting back in bed (over and over again) laying on the floor...

Refuses Sleep

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Infant Bed for Travel

My husband and I are planning some weekend trips this summer with our almost 6-month old baby. We've never had him sleep in our bed for fear of SIDS and crushing him. He co-slept in a bedside bassinet (Arms Reach co-sleeper) for 2 months, then he transitioned well into his own crib. We're scared that he won't sleep in the hotel crib if we rent one and we don't want to bring a pack n' play, which I believe is very uncomfortable for him now. The co-sleeper is too small for him too. We are considering having him sleep in our bed but we haven't...


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Comfy Mattress for Graco Pack N' Play

Hi. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I can't seem to find any replacement mattress that fits the Graco pack n' play. They are mostly 24x38. But the Graco is a bit wider at 26-27"w. Has anyone found anything besides the expensive organic ones? I'm like the idea of the organic since he has an organic crib mattress. But I can't justify the price since he just takes the occasional nap in the pack n' play. Thanks!


Infant Bed for Travel

My husband and I are planning some weekend trips this summer with our almost...


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Graco Snugride or Safeseat?

Do you have one of the following: Graco Snugride (up to 22lbs), the Snugride 32 (up to 32lbs), and the Safeseat (up to 30lbs)? What made you decide to go with the one that you did? Any downsides?


Graco Snug Ride

I took your advice and bought a Graco Snug Ride infant car seat. We LOVE it...

Sleep Problems

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Graco Snug Ride

I took your advice and bought a Graco Snug Ride infant car seat. We LOVE it and appreciate all the recommendations. Our previous car seat fit on the top of shopping carts (where you'd put your purse), but this does not. Those of you who own one, what is the easiest way to go grocery shopping w/ your baby? I ended up putting the whole car seat in the basket and then there isn't room for groceries. I thought of buying the frame/stoller, but then I'd be pushing two carts. Is it best just to shop w/o baby?

Soothing & Comforting

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Graco Comfortsport Convertbile Carseat

Hi, My 17 month is finally at 20 pounds. She's 30 inches long. We need to get her a new carseat. We have a Graco Infant Seat and it worked fine for us. I'm looking currently at getting another Graco Carseat. I want her to stay rear-facing so the ComfortSport is the only option. After looking at all the different features. I think we'd like the DRIFTWOOD model. Anybody had this particular one or any of the Graco convertible carseats? I'm looking for both positive and negative reviews. Thanks

Waking at Night

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Need Help with Happy Baby Waking During Night Screaming?

My almost 5 month old son has usually gone to sleep on his own or with some help and most nights will sleep through the night(8-9 hours uninterupted). He recently got his 1st 2 teeth about 2 weeks ago. Last week he got a cold (runny nose & cough) which has gotten much better but is not totally gone. For the past 4-5 nights or so, he'll go to sleep and then wake up 2-3 times during the night screaming a distressful cry as if he's in pain (no fever, and he keeps his eyes closed). I try soothing him and it doesn't work, which is unusual. ...