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Getting My Newborn to Sleep in Her Crib

My dd is 14 days old and I am having increasing difficulty getting her to sleep in her crib. I was able to get her to sleep in it when we first got home during the daytime but not at night for very long. Now the last few days she's only happy when she is nursimg and being held. I am almost at my wits end because I can barely put her down to do anything before she starts screaming. Is she too young to let her cry it out? Any advice on what to do to get through this?

Child Sleep Issues

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Baby Carriers or Slings?

Any advice on baby carriers for newborns and beyond six months? Feedback on pros/cons on brands like the ERGO, Baby Bjorn, Beco and Infantino backpack carrier would be great. I'd also love to hear feedback on reasons why someone would use a sling (I'm a bit afraid to use it given the recent recall) vs. carrier. Thanks!


Toddler Sleep Issues

My 2 1/2 yr old toddler does not sleep! I have a 9 yr old too, and when he...