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I Need Advice, About My Child Might Be Having a Problem with ADD

My daughter is in the fifth grade, but at a third grade level. She has a learning disability. About two years ago her teacher had her tested for ADD . She told me she had a small problem with it. Shes not hyperactive, shes not like she cant sit still, bouncing off the walls . She has problems focusing. Its like, its very hard for her to focus on what shes suppose to be doing....Home work ohh my gosh!! We will be at the table doing homework, one min shes there , and the next min shes lost. Its hard for me to explain. Shes so easily...


Tummy Sleep Issue

Hi Moms, I'm in need of some insight. My son will be 6 months this Saturday,...

Adult Sleep Issues

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Political Question - What Are You Looking for in a Candidate?

Since we are voting next week - have any of you done research on your potential candidates or what your incumbents have been doing while they were in office? This is more than just one question - it factors in a whole bunch of things. Morality, Integrity, Social Issues, etc. This is why I believe that politics is relevant to being a parent - as we model the behavior for which we stand for...or at least expect from our candidates and elected officials.... I know there are some mama's on here who are active in their communities and...

Child Sleep Issues

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Toddler Sleep Issues After Car Accident.

About three weeks ago my 2 1/2 -year-old son climbed out of his crib for the first time, so we promptly converted it to a toddler bed. I expected the usual difficulties, but the transition went perfectly. He LOVED his "big boy bed" and was so proud to sleep in it. We had very little trouble getting him to stay in bed and sleep all night or during nap time. Then he and my husband were in a car accident a week later. My son was completely physically safe in the accident (which was severe enough to total our car) but he was absolutely...