Sleep Schedule Changes

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Feeding Schedule

H.P. asks from Lynchburg

For those of you who breastfeed (or have in the past), at what age should a feeding schedule be started? Right now, I have a 5 week old, and from what I read, people ...


Nap Schedule

J.T. asks from Houston

Nap Schedule Our son is 11 months old and has been taking 2 naps a day for a couple of months. He had a very easy transition from 3 to 2 daily naps. Wednesday, wit...


Sleep/Nap Schedule

J.S. asks from Norfolk

I have asked all of you some questions in the past and everyone has been very helpful, so here goes another. My 5month, almost 6 month old has been waking 2-3 times ...


Visitation Schedule

Z. asks from Chicago

I am trying to come up with a reasonable visitation schedule for my ex and his child. She is 8 mos old and is still drinking breastmilk. I am thinking about moving ou...


Nap Schedule

K.I. asks from Dallas

First let me say that I am thrilled that my 4 month old naps and sleeps relatively well at night. But when will naps become more consistent? I feel guilty that we a...


Nap Schedule

T.S. asks from Tucson

I have an 11 week old baby who I want to start getting on a nap schedule but I have a little problem that hopefully somebody can help me with. She sleeps great, she ...


I Need a Schedule!!!!!

J.G. asks from San Antonio

Hello ladies. I need some advice. My DD just turned 8 mths old. I have been struggling since after the Christmas vacation to get her sleep back on track. Before t...


Keeping on Schedule

L.M. asks from Dover

I have a 6 yr old daughter that I am having a tough time keeping on schedule. The problem I have in the morning is two fold...I have trouble getting her up on ti...


How to Schedule Solids

J.Q. asks from Raleigh

Hi, I have a 4 month old daughter and will be starting rice cereal within the month. I'm very confused about eating schedules...right now she has a bottle every 3 1...


Do You Have a Daily Schedule

S.G. asks from Albuquerque

Do you SAHM's go by a schedule during the day? I am having a hard time staying motivated, getting everything done or doing anything really benefital (arts and crafts,...