Sleep Schedule Changes: Elmo

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How Do You Change a Bedtime Routine?

C.C. asks from New York

I give my 9 month old son a bottle every night and rock him to sleep in my arms. I don't put him in his crib until he is sleeping. I'm trying to change his routine s...


Sleep Issue

G.E. asks from New York

My daughter is 19 months and will not sleep after 5:30 the past few nights she only sleeps till 4:30 THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON for a long time we have tried letting her ...


Sleep Training

T.K. asks from Chicago

I am in the process of sleep training my 6 month old and he is doing extremely well, except for one time. Most naps and at bedtime, I read him a story, rock him for ...


17 Month Old Toddler All of a Sudden Cry's to Sleep in Crib

M.H. asks from Las Vegas

I have always had a hard time getting my son to sleep on his own, but at about 12 months old he would finally go down in his crib without to much of a fuss. I dont k...


My 4 Year Old Little Girl Having Nightmares and WILL Not Sleep in Her Own Bed...

L.D. asks from Charlotte

Like I said I have a 4 year old little girl and she says she has nightmares at least 3 to 4 times a week and we have tried all kinds of things like having water in a ...


Help My 3 Year Old Is Pooping in Her Pull-up

M.L. asks from Boston

Hi there, my 3 yr old daughter is potty trained. She has been since December. She poops on the potty and everything. She does wear pull-ups for nap and bed. For the p...


How to Survive a 6 Hour Flight with a 19 Month Old?

K.B. asks from New York

This Thanksgiving we are traveling from New York to California to visit relatives with our 19 month old daughter in tow. She's not new to flying, but the last time ...


At What Age Is a Good Age for Bottle Breaking?

T.F. asks from Grand Junction

My son just turned 13 months and still takes a bottle 4 times a day(morning, noon, evening and before bed). During meals and throughout the day he does take a sippy c...


Car Travel and Visiting Folks: Interrupting Naps?

R.R. asks from Burlington

My son is 5 months old and there are friends and family who would like to see more of him. On one hand it's good to get out and about with him, but on the other hand ...


Needing to Get My Son's Poor Sleeping Habits Under Control.

C.B. asks from New York

Ugh where do I begin. I have been dealing with my son's poor sleeping habits since he's been two weeks old. He is now 17 months old and still not sleeping properly....