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Looking for Halo Sleep Sack with Legs?

A.F. asks from Chicago

We loved our Halo Sleep Sack last winter, but now that my son is 1 I am looking for a sleep sack with legs and feet. Does anyone know if this exists? I have located...


Keeping 9 Month Old Warm at Night- Sleep Sack?

J.Z. asks from Minneapolis

Now that the weather is getting cooler I'm wondering how to keep my son warm at night without a blanket. He has some fleece footed pj's, but that doesn't seem to be ...


Alternative Sleeping for 3 1/2 Month

P.B. asks from Detroit

I have a 3 1/2 month little girl who usually gets a bath at 7:00, bottle after bath and then down to bed. We swaddle her and she usually sleeps until 3:00 a.m. BUT....


Dressing Infant at Night

A.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Mommies! I have a 7 month old DS. We live in North Texas, so summers get pretty hot. We would like to keep his room around 75 or 76 but I'm not sure how to dres...


Keeping My Toddlers Warm at Night???

A.P. asks from San Diego

It's finally starting to get chilly, & I don't know how to keep my little ones warm enough at night! Last year we used sleep sacks, which was perfect. This year, th...


What Do You Think of Sleep Sacks/Wearable Blankets?

J.D. asks from Minneapolis

Our twins are 5 months old and we stopped swaddling them about a month ago. They'd get out in the middle of the night and were also getting to a point where they pre...


What to Dress a 13 Month Old at Night

S.R. asks from San Francisco

Hi, we live in northern california where, of late, our house gets down to 60 degrees or so at night. My little one wakes up in the morning with cold feet (we put sock...


Recommendations on Sleep Sacks/ Wearable Blankets?

R.M. asks from Chicago

My house is 200 years old, and though we have plastic on the Windows and the heat going at 74 degrees, last night it dropped to 62 degrees in my little guys room. I h...


Keeping 1 Y/o Warm at Night

J.P. asks from Chicago

I put my daughter in a long-sleeved onsie and a fleece footie at night, but unless she keeps her blanket on, she's frozen in the morning. The fleece (Carters) is thi...



A. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms! I've been swaddling my 15 week old daughter at night and she sleeps BEAUTIFULLY. However, she is getting very big and no longer fits in the SwaddleMe wra...