Sleep Problems: Graco

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Graco Snug Ride

I took your advice and bought a Graco Snug Ride infant car seat. We LOVE it and appreciate all the recommendations. Our previous car seat fit on the top of shopping carts (where you'd put your purse), but this does not. Those of you who own one, what is the easiest way to go grocery shopping w/ your baby? I ended up putting the whole car seat in the basket and then there isn't room for groceries. I thought of buying the frame/stoller, but then I'd be pushing two carts. Is it best just to shop w/o baby?

Sleep Training

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When to Start Sleep Training in a Conflicted, Separating Household?

My son is 7 months old and absolutely refuses to go to sleep without me. He screams when in his crib. Not only, does he want to be in bed with me but also cuddled close and ideally breastfeeding. I know he is young and loves the comfort, so do I. But I wanted to ease him into his crib. His father and I are separating soon. We are tying up loose details. I wanted him to start giving him a little independence, maybe to weather the storm. I think he is extra comfort driven partly due to the angst in the house. We aren't the screaming arguing...