Sleep Problems: Elmo

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Sleeping in Bed

I made the mistake with my first daughter of never letting her cry it out to sleep in her crib. She only falls asleep with me or in the car. She is 2 1/2 now and I need to get her to fall asleep in her toddler bed. I am 5 month pregnant and she kicks a little in her sleep and I'm always afraid she'll kick me. Plus she needs to go to bed at 8:30 and I like to stay up a few hours but I can't do that because she won't fall asleep unles I'm with her. By then I end up falling asleep too. I tried putting her in my bed and telling her a story and...

Sleep Schedule Changes

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How Do You Change a Bedtime Routine?

I give my 9 month old son a bottle every night and rock him to sleep in my arms. I don't put him in his crib until he is sleeping. I'm trying to change his routine since he has been holding his bottle for 3 months now. The last 3 nights I've been putting him in his crib with a bottle, he drinks it and cries hysterically! Any suggestions on how to change a bedtime routine?

Sleep Training

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Sleep Training for Twins

Hi Ladies, My sister has 7 month old, boy/girl twins. She is getting very sleep deprived and is ready to sleep train. Anyone out there have experience sleep-training twins? Thanks! A.