Sleep overs: Tween

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Tween Sleepovers: How Often?

C.. asks from Columbia

So I just laid down a rule without thinking about it.... because it's the rule every mom of tweens I know has. Which, to be honest, is like 2 other moms with tweens....


10 Year Old Boy Party

M.B. asks from Kansas City

Hi Moms! I'm looking for fun ideas for my 10 year old boys party. We've done almost everything, renting a moonbounce, swimming, renting a gym for bball, pump it up,...


What Do Your Tween Boys Wear to Bed?

M.C. asks from Detroit

My 10 year old son needs new pajamas since he has outgrown his. I am having a tough time finding sleep pants or pjs size 12/14 at the stores and unbelievably, online...


sChores For a 13 Year Old

D.B. asks from Minneapolis

What chores do you assign to your teenager? We had tried laundry, but I had to yank it after losing half my work and bra wardrobe to a job poorly done. Also, what c...


B-day Party for 11 Year Old

K.W. asks from Dallas

Looking for ideas for my daughers 11th birthday. Last year we had a dozen kids come over, we had a mystery party here at the house then a sleep over. Everyone loved...


Afraid 12 Year Old Step-daughter Is Sexually Active. What Can I Do?

L.W. asks from Cleveland

Here is the 12 year old step-daughter who doesn't live with us, spends LOTS of time text messaging and no time studying (last report card 2 F's, 2 D's,...


10 Year Old Seems to Have Constant PMS!

B.C. asks from Dallas

My oldest is 10 1/2. I love that kid, but geez! Lately she has been sooooooo moody! She is always complaining, yelling at her sister, back-talking, arguing, and just ...


Ideas for Soon to Be 13 Year Old Son

M.M. asks from San Francisco

ALL of you were such a big help with ideas for my 3 year old's birthday (we ended up doing Build a Bear with a small group of friends and family. I now need help with...


What to Do with My Tween...... *Sigh*

C.. asks from Columbia

Ok – 12 year old daughter. We eat dinner together every night (sometimes, I admit, it’s while we watch Netflix). After school there is a college girl who comes ...


My 10 Year Old Daughter Pantsed Another Kid. Should I Call That Kid's Mom?

K.R. asks from Albany

In need of some advice. My 10 year old daughter was at a 'mixed-gender" slumber party last night (yes, that's a whole other issue, but anyway, I was there chaperonin...