Sleep overs: Tween

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Sleepover. Problem with Other Parents

M.E. asks from Tampa

My son went over to his best friend's house for a sleepover. The sleepovers don't happen very often, maybe once every couple of months. My husband and I are not sure ...


Sleepover at Friend's Grandparent's House

K.H. asks from Tulsa

My 14 year old daughter has been invited to a sleepover/swim/birthday party for her best friend. They have been friends for nearly 3 years and have sleepovers at eac...


First Big Sleepover at Our House

S.P. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter is nine and half, and we are celebrating her half birthday (since we didn't celebrate her birthday) with a sleepover next week. She has invited 10 girls,...


13 Year Old Sleepover Birthday Ideas

J.M. asks from New York

I have read alot of ideas for sleepover Birthday Partys for 13 year old girls. I was just wondering if there were anymore idea out there. I read one good idea about h...


Seeking Ideas to Entertain Kids at a Sleepover

L.R. asks from New York

I am helping a friend who is planning a sleepover birthday party for her 11 year old daughter. I'd love some ideas for entertainig...either simple craft projects or ...


Sleepover for Middle School Aged Girls.

E.J. asks from Dallas

I am so out of touch with what girls like to do. What are fun things for girls to do at a sleepover? The girls are 12 and 13 year olds. Do I as the parent plan the...


A School Dance..... for an 11 Year Old?

R.N. asks from Norfolk

On October 10th there is a middle school dance, my daughter is 11 and wanted to go to the dance, however her father and I decided she is too young. Today she went to ...


Daughter Invited to Sleepover Party but Not My Son

E.P. asks from Tampa

Hello. My friend, Shari's 8-year-old daughter is having a sleepover party at the aquarium. It sounds really cool, but I'm hesitant about the whole thing. I am no...


Daughter's Sleepover Party Theme.... Ideas Please!!!

E.C. asks from Dallas

So my daughter is turning 7 on Friday. We are having a sleepover. There are 8-10 girls coming between 7-13. Theme is ROCKSTAR. I want to do a few games. Any ideas. An...


Activities for 13 Yr Old Birthday Sleepover

M.M. asks from Dallas

Hello, My daughter will turning 13 in a couple of weeks. I am making her a B-Day Sleepover Party in a hotel. I want this to be very special for her. Since all her ...