Sleep overs: Toddler

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Daughter Invited to Sleepover Party but Not My Son

E.P. asks from Tampa

Hello. My friend, Shari's 8-year-old daughter is having a sleepover party at the aquarium. It sounds really cool, but I'm hesitant about the whole thing. I am no...


Sleepover Birthday Parties - at What Age Do These Typically Begin?

M.M. asks from Chicago

My soon to be 8 year old daughter has rec'd a sleepover invitation. Seems abit early or am I off the mark?


Seeking Ideas to Entertain Kids at a Sleepover

L.R. asks from New York

I am helping a friend who is planning a sleepover birthday party for her 11 year old daughter. I'd love some ideas for entertainig...either simple craft projects or ...


Sleepover for Middle School Aged Girls.

E.J. asks from Dallas

I am so out of touch with what girls like to do. What are fun things for girls to do at a sleepover? The girls are 12 and 13 year olds. Do I as the parent plan the...


Daughter's Sleepover Party Theme.... Ideas Please!!!

E.C. asks from Dallas

So my daughter is turning 7 on Friday. We are having a sleepover. There are 8-10 girls coming between 7-13. Theme is ROCKSTAR. I want to do a few games. Any ideas. An...


My Daughter Wants a Sleepover Party for Her 7Th Birthday

D.M. asks from Denver

I am not 100% comfortable with this.... SO, here is the plan. PLEASE let me know if you have a better idea.... I could use one :). So, we are having a costume party ...


My 4Yr. Old Daughters 1St Sleepover

S.M. asks from Chicago

hello ladies, my daughter has been bugging me about a sleepover for the longest time now, she's 4yrs. old & has 4 cousins around her age. I need help with fun girly a...


Games for a Sleepover B-day Party

A.V. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter (8 almost 9) is having a sleepover party on sat night and i am in need of some good and easy (I am about 5 months preg.) (also cheap) party games we have ...


Birthday Parties Scare Me (9Yo Son's Sleepover)

R.J. asks from Seattle

Yeah. I'm a wuss. Anxiety attacks (masterfully hidden) for the whole month prior. That part glossed over... We're looking at doing a sleepover for my son's 9th. 3 ...


First Sleepover

K.S. asks from San Francisco

How old were your kids when they had their first sleep over? My in laws want my 2.5 year old son to have a slepp over with his 3.5 year cousin. My son has not had a n...