Sleep overs: Preschooler

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J.K. asks from Phoenix

When did your kids start having sleepovers?My daughter has been begging me but i am overprotective mom but i want her to have some fun.How old was your son/daughter w...


What Age for Sleep-overs?

T.R. asks from Orlando

At what age were you comfortable with having your child go and sleepover at their friend's house? And did they handle their first sleep over OK and stay the whole nig...


3-Year Old Afraid to Sleep in Own Room

T.R. asks from Denver

We just moved to a new city so my daughter is missing her old friends and house a lot BUT she was sleeping in her new room with no problems for the first 6 weeks we w...


Any Advise on How to Prepare Twins on Upcoming Enrollment in Preschool?

M.B. asks from Chicago

Hi Mama's! I have my twins b/g signed up for preschool this fall (it will be their first time away from Mom 1/2 days) and I just wanted to get some advise on how to ...


At What Age Should Sleepovers Start?

K. asks from Dallas

I need some advice. I have two daughters. They are 5 and 2. The 5 year old keeps asking me about going on a sleepover. I am not comfortable with the idea, I think...


At What Age Are Sleepovers Appropriate?

A.E. asks from Waco

Hi Moms, Just want to get your input regarding sleepovers. My daughter just turned 5 and was invited to her first sleepover for a girl who is turning 6. I know t...


What Age for Sleepovers

M.E. asks from Tampa

My daughter (7) has never been invited to a sleepover. She only recently has been invited to another girl's house to play. She is shy and doesn't make friends easily....


Sleepovers What Age?

P.S. asks from Portland

What age is appropriate for sleepovers, I have a friend who wants my son to sleepover our boys are four years old. I have told her no several times but she insists it...


Friend's Inappropriate Son

T.F. asks from Los Angeles

I have a friend who is always trying to push her 9 yr old son and my 8 yr old son together for play dates. They don't go to the same school and, in fact it was our yo...


Have You Ever Issued a Consequence You Regret?

S.G. asks from Norfolk

Or more specifically, have you ever issued an ultimatum to your kids that you wish you could take back? This is not my specific situation, but say your daughter want...