Sleep Issues

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Sleep Apnea and Cpap Machine

J.H. asks from New York

Anyone here have experience using a cpap machine to deal with sleep apnea? My husband is currently being evaluated by the doctor to see if he needs one. Last night...


Am I Getting Too Much Sleep?

✩.!. asks from Los Angeles

I have been so ridiculously tired lately. I know it is b/c I have started back to work, but it just seems I have lost all motivation. I haven't even got up to exerc...


When to Wake, When to Let Sleep???

H.H. asks from Dallas

My little one is almost 4 weeks old and I feel like I'm always having to interrupt her catnaps to feed. I'm trying to stick to nursing her every 3 hours during the d...


Cpap Sleep Apnea Machine

L.M. asks from Cleveland

ok talk about flatulence! hubs got his machine and willingly uses it but at least half the night he sleeps with his mouth open and ALL the air goes right into his ...


Snoring Husband - I Need Sleep!

P.G. asks from Raleigh

Hello all - Any advice about a husband who snores? We've been married for almost 8 years. He has always snored, but not as consistent as he has lately. Not really ...


Afraid of Being "Put to Sleep"

F.S. asks from Indianapolis

I go in to have surgery to repair an umblical hernia october 3rd... and Im so nervous about being put to sleep for the procediure. I know another option is to get an ...


Since the Kids Sleep Through the Night - Why Can't I?

J.R. asks from Saginaw

Ladies - I'm tired! I'm not going to rant and rave about my long days that make me this way - since we all have our stories - but how do you sleep through the night?...


I Need Advice from Those of You with Sleep Apnea...

C.M. asks from Cincinnati

I was recently diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and last Friday I got the Bi-PAP machine (like the CPAP, but it has two different air flow pressures). With it I hav...


Sleep Question.... Not What You're Thinking

K.L. asks from Erie

Nope, this isn't a "how to get my little one to sleep through the night" question... It's about me. I have always been a great sleeper but have been having trouble s...


Loss of an Animal/Putting to Sleep

K.K. asks from Washington DC

Hi Moms, I had a very interesting phone call with my brother. I think my cat of 19 years+ is going to be put asleep. I'm very upset. I had to put another cat to sl...