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Dry Skin

K.B. asks from Sacramento

I have a newborn daughter who is one month old today. She has really bad dry skin on her face and her head. I really dont think the skin on her head is cradel cap. My...


Problems with My 12 Month Old Drinking Both Regular Milk and Soy

T.S. asks from Washington DC

I have a 12 month old little boy he was on ailimentum formula as an infant my Dr. swithched him first to Soy b/c he stopped wanting to drink the formula and he is 1 y...


21 Month Old- Misbehaving

M.H. asks from Richland

My son Nick is 21 months old and I have been having a few problems with him and I am looking for some ideas to control the problems. First off, like many kids his age...


Help - My 13 Month Old Has a Bad Diaper Rash!

A.L. asks from Norfolk

My 13 month old daughter developed a sudden diaper rash with two very raw areas that look like popped blisters (approx 2 cm in diameter)right where her bottom cheeks ...


Night Time Diaper for Sensative Skin

M.W. asks from Seattle

my 17 month old daughter has pretty sensitive skin. she has prescription lotion that we use at least twice daily and also use hydrocortisone when needed. anyway, sh...


14 Month Old Soaking Through Diapers at Night

K.T. asks from Seattle

My 14 month old son has recently (in the past week or 2 weeks) started soaking through his diaper at night. We put him down at 6:15pm and he sleeps until about 6:30a...


16 Month Old Picky Eater

T.R. asks from Stockton

Hello, I am a little frustrated with my little guy. He has got to be the world's worst eater. He was started on pretty much everything very early on so he has alread...


Need Ideas for Meal Suggestions for a 1 Year Old

C.O. asks from Sacramento

My 1 year old daughter is easy going except at mealtime where she recently has seemed to get really picky about what she eats. She loves fresh fruit and if she had h...


Organic Snacks for My 9 Month Old

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

Looking for ideas for healthy organic finger foods for my son....not much out there. Went to Sprouts and Henery's but my son only has his two bottom teeth. Any ideas...


Looking for Good Alternative to Milk for 1 Year Old

D.C. asks from Phoenix

My son was just "diagnosed" as lactose intolerant by our doctor. I'm looking for a good (but hopefully inexpensive) soy milk to start him on now that we can move off ...