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Problems Trimming 2 Year Old's Nails

Today my toddler showed me her "terrible" 2 phase when I tried to trim her toe nails and finger nails. She normally resists a little and then will let me do it if I count her fingers as I trim the nails. This time it was a different story. She had a full out tantrum, screaming and kicking and grabbing my arm. I tried a time out to calm her down, but then when I said it was time to trim the nails she would start the "no no no" and crying. I don't know if I should stick to the time out until she is calm even if takes a long time or if I...

Cosmetic Surgery

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Chipped Tooth - 16 Month Old :(

My 3 year old knocked down the baby (she's 16 months) this morning and she bumped her mouth on our slate floor. I noticed while changing her diaper just now that she has chipped one of her front teeth. I have a call in to our dentist, but does anyone have any idea what they would do about a chipped tooth? It's pretty sharp and I worry about her bumping a lip on it in the future. I don't think it is anything but a cosmetic problem, but don't really know. Anyone with experience of a toddler chipping a tooth, I appreciate your responses...


Loss of Sleep

I have a 4 year old daughter that had her tonsils and adnoids taken out a...