Skin: Toddler, Lotrimin

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Very Dry Skin on Our 4-Month-old Daughter's Face

Our poor baby! She's been having ongoing trouble with skin on her forehead, cheeks, and chin that's so dry that it flakes off and/or gets yellow and crusty. We've been slathering on Aquaphor at night and Eucerin all day, and we use a 1% hydrocortisone cream when it gets really red and angry looking, but any improvements are temporary. Neither my DH or I have any family history with eczema, and she's still breast feeding exclusively, so it's not likely to be a food allergy. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? We're wondering if...


Dry Skin or Allergy?

Hi Ladies, My 2 month old son has developed some dry skin all over his face...


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Trouble with Thrush

Has anyone struggled with thrush not clearing up? I am breastfeeding and have been treating thrush for myself and my son for 2 weeks with Nystatin (him) and Lotrimin (me). Unfortunately, at the doctor today I found out that he still has thrush. Now he has a prescription for Diflucan. I am checking with my doctor to see if I should continue with Lotrimin or if she will recommend something else. I am hoping this will knock it out. However, I am getting really paranoid about where thrush is lurking! I know I need to boil my breast pump...


Is This Thrush?

My son is four months old and last night I noticed a tiny patch of something...


Thrush - Again

What I was wondering is if anyone has had Thrush multiple times and if so,...


Is It Thrush?

I am a new mom with a three week old and need some help. We have been having...