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Benadryl at Night

My almost 4 year old son has been waking up at night with a stuffy/blocked nose. I have given him Benadryl 1 tsp. for the last two nights and he has slept through the night without getting up. How long can I give him Benadryl for? I have heard its pretty safe for kids. Can they take it for an extended period of time (like everyday for months)? I am already waking up at least twice in the night due to my 5 month old and could really use some sleep!


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Hives! Hives! Hives! I Keep Breaking Out in Hives!

Have any of you every had problems with Hives? I keep breaking out with them on my neck. My husband thinks it's stress. I've made sure my lotions & soaps are free of dyes & smells, but I still keep getting them. Are there certain foods that make you get hives? Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do? I buy lots of cortizone & take Benadryl, but I'd like to stop it from happening, not treat the symptoms.


Hives with a Cold?

My son had a cold with a mild fever the past 2 days, then today broke out...


Strep & Hives

Does anyone have any experience w/ strep & hives they'd like to share? My 2...


Fever and Hives

My 2.5 yr old son has had a 101-102 fever all day, and random splotches of...


Pedialyte and Hives

My almost 3 yr old had some Pedialyte a few days ago (first and only time...

Sun Damage

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Tips on Travelling to Italy with a 17 Month Old

Hello everyone, I am working on planning a trip to Italy with my husband ( who has never been out of the country) and my son ( who will be almost 17 months old). We are going to be meeting my mom and sisters there. Do any of you " travel savvy" moms have any tips for travelling overseas with a toddler, i.e. how to survive the flight to Europe, does it make sense to bring his car seat with us, etc? Do they have soymilk in Italy? I am desperate for any tips that would help make the trip easier!! Thanks!!