Skin: Preschooler, Meijer

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Best Lotion for Dry Skin

Does anyone know of a really good lotion for dry skin for kids? Both my daughter and son are experiencing the effects of "winter skin"; I've tried bathing them in oatmeal baths, using baby oil after their baths and whenever they need it and it seems like they are still scratching like crazy!!!!!!


Diaper Rash Problems

I have a 14 month old son who has a TERRIBLE diaper rash. It isn't like his...

Eczema & Psoriasis

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4 y.o. With Bad Case of Eczema

My four year old daughter has had Eczema on and off since she was born. In the past I have taken her to the pediatrician and gotten a prescription for a skin cream. She has been there so much lately for illness that I hate going back for this. I have tried Gold Bond medicated and Huggies baby lotion. She has Asthma so I know it is linked to that. She has some large horrible patches on the inside of her thigh. Any suggestions?


Trouble with Eczema

Hi Moms, I was wondering what kind of lotion to use for my 3 year old with...


Psoriasis or Eczema

I have these patches of dry skin on my ankles. It's either Psoriasis or...