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Skin Problems After Having My Baby

A.G. asks from Tulsa

I am a mom of a soon to be 4 year old and an 8 week old. I had no problems with my skin with my first born, but when I was pregnant with my second, my skin became ext...


Almost 3 Year Old's SEVERE Dry Skin

C. asks from Chicago

My son's skin has always been real dry, but especially in the past year or so. I'm quickly running out of ideas on how to help it. He's almost 3 years old (will be ...


Baby Skin

L.H. asks from New York

HI all , I have a 3 1/2 old month baby who has very dry skin on her face around her mouth and side of her face any sugguestions on what i can put on it


Skin Rashes/ecema

S.T. asks from Portland

My two year old son has had ecema since birth. It typically isn't bad but we do have to keep on top of it or he starts to strach himself to the point where he bleeds...


4 Year Old Complaining About His Feet

M.K. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old son has been complaining that his toes/feet hurt for the last couple of months. His big toes on both feet seem to have some peeling skin right above th...


My 3 Year Old Daughter Suffers from Extreme Eczema.

K.T. asks from Austin

She's had eczema since 3 months. We've tried everything any doctor instructs. Nothing has helped. I'm currently working with a chemist who is trying to formulate a pr...


Skin Problem That Won't Go Away

L.M. asks from Grand Junction

My 3 year old son had really bad cradle cap and it seems it has never gone away. He hates it when we brush his hair to try and get it out. Any suggestions on ways t...


*3 Year Old with Rash Around Her EYES*

R.D. asks from Richmond

okay i dont if i've addressed this before, but my 3 year old is DEFINATELY my rashy kid! its always something! she went to the pediatrician 3 weeks ago for a check up...


Toddler Has Dry Skin on Legs

A.P. asks from Sacramento

Hiya, I have a 30 month old with "alligator skin" patches. Not as bad as psoriasis or eczema, but very dry. I use mustela and heavy creams on her legs (mostly th...


Skin on Face Is Red and Dry

C.M. asks from New York

Hi...does anyone have any suggestion for facial cream to help with red and dry skin? The skin on my face seems to be getting more red and dryer than usual. I have a...