Skin: Myself

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Help for Dog with Skin Problems

Our dog has some sort of skin problem which is causing her skin to flake and give off an oder. I bought some over the counter skin-problem shampoo and have been washing her with this, but it hasn't worked yet. (I'm washed her with it about three times). I'm newly single and finances are tight right now, I don't see how I can afford to take her to the vet! Does any one have any home remedies or suggestions?


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If It Is Not a Zit What Is It

I have a place where my lobe meets my face that feels like it has a zit head in it. It is the area right next to my face. It is pea sized and runs from the front of my ear to the back of my ear. It has been there a month and a half and has not headed up yet. so if it is not a zit what is it. I put acne medication on it daily. I use a daily face wash, stridex, and a cream for acne by avon. any ideas


Acne and Preteen

My 12 year old daughter has hit the age of acne. She has started to break...

Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic Surgeon Referral Needed

We need to have a mole removed from my 4 year old daughters cheek. She will have a small scar from it so I would like a REALLY good cosmetic surgeon. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks

Eczema & Psoriasis

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Psoriasis or Eczema

I have these patches of dry skin on my ankles. It's either Psoriasis or Eczema, I have been to the different doctors and they say both. I have tried everything I can get my hands on to get rid of it but nothing works. Some things work temporarily, but nothing long term. Please any advice on what I can use to get rid of it or at least get it under control.


Help with Excema!

My 5 month old has a pretty bad case of excema...she had an outbreak like...


Exema Please Help!!!

Well my daughter has had exema since the day she was born. I have always had...

Find a Dermatologist

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Looking for Pediatric Dermatologist near Glen Ellyn, IL

Hello I'm looking for a pediatric dermatologist in the Glen Ellyn, IL area for my 4 month old son. He has developed some sort of skin rash or allergic reaction to something and using cetaphil wash and lotions is not working. His father has sensitive skin but what my son is experiencing seems a little extreme!


A Good Dermatologist

Can anyone recommend a good dermatologist for psoriasis, moles and scarring...


Need a Dermatologist

Hey Moms - I'm looking for a good dermatologist - I work in Addison and...

Moles, Growths & Cancer

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"Watching" a Mole

As you know, I have a lot of health anxiety.. I had my 6 month skin check (history of one non-melanoma skin cancer and one removal with atypical cells) and the dermatologist said that she wanted me to "keep an eye" on one spot on my chest (a flat brown mole). This of course has sent me into panic and I went pouring through old photo albums to look at it and I discovered that although I have had it for at least 13 years or more, it got larger and darker after the birth of my youngest about 6 years ago. It has looked just like it does now...


Mole on My Head

I know this is not a place I should ask for medical advice. I really just...

Sun Damage

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Discolor of the Face from Sun Damage

I went to a dermetologist for this issue on my face. It costs about $100 for the cream and 4 months commitment to apply it twice a day. Then staying out of the sun and protecting the skin while being treated. Is there any easier method to help this discoloration . It is located on my forehead. I am so self consious of it. I don't know if any of you have some remedies to use or if these over the counter creams will work for aging skin..... any advice ?


Sun Safety Myth?

Is it true that 6pm sun cannot damage skin? Well actually I heard it was...